Gold, Silver, Bronze

Statue plates will be engraved exactly as the original, unless otherwise specified. Purchasers of statues may add up to 2 additional lines of personalized credits.

Note: In order for your personalized credits to be engraved on the statue plate they must have been submitted by the original entering company. Alternatively, you must provide written permission from the original entrant.

Shipping, Customs and/or Clearance Fees for Statues must be paid by the recipient.

  • Fees for Orders going to Canada, Japan and the United States will be automatically calculated and added to the invoice when you Submit the Order
  • All other Purchasers are requested to provide a FedEx Courier account number on the order form
  • If a FedEx account can not be provided you will be invoiced for the courier fees separate from the Statue Order
  • Statues will not be dispatched until the invoice for shipping costs is paid
  • The Statue(s) will be dispatched within approximately 4 weeks of receiving payment.


Please indicate any changes, corrections or special instructions in the box